Thermal Fleece Face Mask Neck Warmer

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Are you gearing up for the colder days ahead? Let us help you get your winter-thickening arsenal ready. Our thermal fleece face mask neck warmer is just what you need to breeze through the coldest days like a pro.

Winter days with the biting cold can be hard for some people, most especially for those who feel the cold more. If you too are one of those, you can big goodbye to tough winter struggles with our excellent product in your closet.

Colder environments make it quite uncomfortable to move around and work through the days. But if you have a snuggly, warm and cold-proof item like our fleece face mask and neck warmer, you need not worry. This product will keep you warm, snug and comfortable on even the coldest of days.

Our product features the highest-quality of fleece material. This material has the ability to create a favorable insulation layer and traps air inside the fibers. This very function creates the warmth we all love because it uses our natural body heat to warm the air it has contained in its fibers.

Once the trapped air warms up from your body heat, it spreads and envelops your being with the same. Fleece is also the most popular choice for winter gear because the material has repeatedly proved its outstanding capacity of trapping body heat.

The sustenance of warmth in the synthetic fiber still remains unbeatable. At the same time, it is also very lightweight in nature and makes the products downright comfortable and effortlessly to wear. Another reason why many of us dread the winters is the layers of clothing we have to wear and extra weight they put on us. But with fleece material, that burden disappears too.

You can use our thermal fleece face mask neck warmer in any cold environments, such as chilled, freezing and cold storage work areas too. It comes with a standard respirator that will ensure you breathe comfortably and have no urge to remove the mask to brave the biting cold.


Scarves tend to fail as a reliable alternative when temperatures drop to freezing points and your skin starts to feel numb from the cold. Fleece, with its remarkable warming potential, is the most ideal material for cold environments.

The material ensures that the product feels and comfortable when you have to wear it for long hours. Our thermal fleece and neck warmer works incredibly well for both men and women. This item serves as a dual product.

You have the option of either using it as a neck warmer or snood or a thermal face mask too for when the occasion calls for it. It does not build up moisture so you can rest assured of maximum comfort when you have this product on.

With a product featuring fleece, you know winter chills will not last long against you. You can now walk to work, to the supermarket and walk your pet in the wintery days with our thermal fleece product. Our thermal fleece face mask and neck warmer is an excellent option for winter sports.

If you love to go snowboarding, skiing and indulge in other intense winter sports, you’ll be thankful to have a super warm product. It would maximize your fun and take your concerns of frost bites away. Here’s to happy winters with our product!

Product highlights include:

  • Anti-fall and wind protection
  • Inner material features 100% fleece
  • Outer material feature lycra, which is also a water-repellent fabric
  • Product comes with 1* riding mask

Package Includes:
1* Riding mask

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