It's taken a lot of patience and perseverance to get here.


While most hunters remember their first time, what's burned in my memory, in green and black, is my first night hunt. In those pitch dark woods, with that magical scope, I was just a kid but I felt like the Terminator. I could see things I wasn't supposed to be able to see. And I was hooked — maybe more on the scope than on the hunting itself.


What made the scope extra special to me was that I'd watched my dad create it. As much time as he spent outdoors, he must've spent twice as many hours in our basement, hunched over a tabletop strewn with devices and parts. A better scope meant a better hunt, and he was always looking for an advantage. When he had that hawk-like focus, I knew better than to disturb him.


Eventually, I was old enough to start adding my own ideas. Hunting was an indoor sport for us, too, as we pursued the elusive perfect scope together. Our tactics weren't always successful. But when they were? The hits were definitely worth all the misses.


Patience and perseverance: it turns out that what you learn from hunting, you can also apply to building a business. Once we landed on the idea of using infrared, we knew we had our perfect scope. We also knew the work didn't end there. Getting the NightPal to market has been a long process, but one that's been worth the wait. We're proud to say that we're now recognized as a top choice in night vision gear. When you switch yours on for the first time, you'll see — with amazing clarity — exactly why.


Night Pal 


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