Tactical Military Helmet Headphone Comtac Headset

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Tactical Headset Shooting Military Helmet Headphone Comtac Headset with Fast Helmet Rail Adapter Peltor Set Outdoor Hunting

 The tactical headset used by military special forces is equipped with a military standard version plug, ensuring its compatibility with various military equipment. It is designed to be highly adaptable, especially when used in conjunction with the Fast Helmet Rail Adapter, allowing for direct mounting to the helmet for added convenience and ease of use.


  • Tactical headset designed for military special forces use
  • Features a military standard version plug for equipment compatibility
  • Can be directly mounted to a helmet using the Fast Helmet Rail Adapter
  • Equipped with a removable microphone with two microphone port options for left and right-handed users
  • New ear cup design for clear voice transmission and comfortable support
  • Note: This headset does not include noise reduction functionality; the battery slot and buttons are purely decorative and non-functional, designed for communication purposes only
  • No batteries required for operation
  • Available in three colors: Black, OD (Olive Drab), and Tan
  • Well-suited for outdoor activities such as war games, shooting, and hunting
  • Compatible with all Element PTT (Push-to-Talk) accessories (PTT not included with the headset) for enhanced versatility



Excellent sound quality with perfect location hearing, up to 4 times amplification,it can use as a bug to hearing the whispers of the enemy[indoor], just like a spy.

Tactical Headset

Tactical Headset
Operation Manual

1. open the headband.

2. Slide out the cups

3. Adjust the height of the cups while pressing the headband up or down.

A Reliable Product


This headset makes noise has been greatly reduced, which is a great feature. Not only does it improve communication and protect your hearing, but it should also improve your gaming experience. It also helps that the headset doesn't have to be turned on and off between communications, as it plugs directly into your PTT. It also comes with a rubber cover to make sure water and dust don't become a problem.

Tactical Headset

Tactical Headset

Tactical Headset

Tactical Headset


Niose reduction rating of 18db, you can clearly communicate with your colleagues even when others are shooting. excellent compatible with Zac's PTT series.

Battery installation

To replace the batteries, insert a tool under the edge of the battery cover. Loosen each side a bit, then lift off the entire cover.

Easy to wear

The adjustable headband and flexible ear cups help to ensure a better fit and a more comfortable feel for the user.

Noise prevent

Special material of foamin cousions in each earcup provide excellent reproduction of ambient sounds. You can clearly hearing radio communication even in an extreme conditions.

Tactical Headset

Tactical Headset

Tactical Headset

Protects your hearing when shooting

Protects your hearing when shooting, whether for recreation or competition. Gives you a better sense of experience.

Focus on Work Easily

It helps you to focus on what you are doing and get rid of external distractions.

Helps Using Power Tools

Ideal for people who use loud power tools regularly to protect their hearing from damage.The ears are not well protected and hearing loss may result.

Active hearing protector

Tactical Headset

We all know that a shooter has to protect his ears to prevent life long hearing damage.

To solve this issue it's Zac's duty.

Our electronics component will instantaneously suppress harmful impact noises to 82dB inside the earcups.

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