Survival Permanent Match Fire Starter Keychain

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The Survival Permanent Match Fire Starter Keychain is perfect for all sorts of conditions! Perfect for camping, cooking, emergency preparedness, and can even be used as a day-to-day lighter. Applicable anywhere, anytime, and in any condition.

  • Waterproof, Works equally well when wet or cold
  • Mini shape, lightweight, space-saving, and easy to carry 
  • Lights Campfires, Stoves, Gas-Barbecues, BBQ, Paper, Dry Grass, Bark, and Maya Dust


1) Unscrew the stick 

2) Scratch the skin of the black flint off until it’s glossy as steel 

4) Inject some lighter fluid in the canister with 2/3 volume (Refill After 15000 Strikes)

5) Screw the rod back into the canister

6) Scratch the stick against the flint and it will be ignited.

  • Dimension: 55 x 19 mm.
  • Material: stainless steel.



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