NightPal™ Accent M80 - HD Spotting Optic 20-60x80mm + Tripod

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NightPal™ Accent M80

The NightPal™ - Accent M80   is a  high definition spotting optic is unlike traditional ones. No matter how high the zoom is, you will be able to focus on anything you want and view it in complete detail.

Clear Viewing in HD

This spotting scope has a large eye relief, letting you zoom according to your preference. What’s most impressive about NightPal™ - Accent M80   is that you don’t have to worry about chromatic aberrations, even at 60 times magnification.

Achieve accurate, smooth focusing through the NightPal™ - Accent M80 fine focus knobs and see vibrant images with tremendous detail. This scope’s eye relief is about 17-12 mm and is remarkably comfortable.

A Galore of Features

With a tremendous array of features on offer, the NightPal™Accent M80 offers you a great deal of convenience.

- This optic has multiple coats to ensure that the lenses remain free from scratches and are free from reflections

- With Accent M80 has quick focus, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t miss out on any action

- This spotting  is incredibly versatile and can be used for stargazing, bird watching, hunting, and a variety of other fun activities  

 - An excellent zooming range, paired with crisp, crystal clear images let you see through holes from hundreds of yards away with no hassle whatsoever

High-End ED Glass

NightPal™ - Accent M80 has ED glasses (extra-low dispersion glass). For those who don’t know, these glasses help correct chromatic aberrations and contain a variety of earth compounds for reducing visual defects. ED is commonly used for optics to improve accuracy and clarity of vision. High-end spotting scopes like the NightPal™ - Accent M80 , camera lenses, and various other devices use ED glasses for crystal clear clarity.

Accessories for Ease of Use

With the NightPal™ Accent M80 , you get the following handy accessories:

- Photo clicker (compatible with a variety of tripods like Nikon, Leupold, Vortex, Bushnell Tripods

- Cell phone adapter

- Protective case

- Tripod

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