NightPal™ Revenant TF5 - HD 1080P IR Night Vision Optic Gen 5

Color: Bundle Package - Revenant TF5 +Battery+ 32GB SD Card
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NightPal™ Revenant TF5 - Infrared Night Vision  Device HD 1080P Video Camera Photo Wildlife Outdoor Sight Day Night Gen 5

The Revenant TF5 night vision is a versatile optical device that offers compatibility for both daytime and nighttime use. This compact, all-in-one rifle optic is designed to meet the diverse demands of hunters, making it a valuable tool for various hunting scenarios.

With its multi-functional design, the Revenant TF5 goes beyond traditional optic capabilities. It features a Camera & Camcorder function, essentially serving as a telescope, camera, and video recorder. The inclusion of a highly sensitive CMOS image sensor, boasting a resolution of 1920x1080 Full HD, ensures that it delivers high-definition images with exceptional detail rendering.

(View at 150 Yards)

Equipped with a built-in 50mm large glass lens, the Revenant TF5 offers 4x magnification and a 1~4x digital zoom, providing hunters with the ability to zoom in on targets with remarkable clarity. Additionally, the 850nm Laser IR illuminator, with its focusing capabilities, can effectively provide illumination in darkness, extending the scope's usability for up to 400 Yards

In summary, the Revenant TF5 serves as both a day/night vision monocular. This dual functionality, along with its advanced features, makes it a versatile and practical choice for hunters seeking a reliable tool for their hunting endeavors.



Package Includes: 

1  x  Revenant TF5 Night Vision IR Optic (video recording enabled)
3  x  Fitting Ring 
1  x  Manual
1  x  32 GB SD Card (optional)
1  x  18650 battery (optional)
1  x   Battery Charger (optional)

    Fitting for Scopes : 38mm-48mm Max


    Proudly Designed In The USA

    Hunting just got a lot better with our New Revenent TF5. It has been designed by an expert team using the latest technology and premium quality components. 

    Every component of the NightPal has been designed, engineered, and assembled her in the USA. Each of our camera undergoes strict qualit testing for durability and resilence. What you get is a superior product with a quality you can trust. One that allows for a truly memorable experience each time you use it. 

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