NightPal™ Revenant TF4 - Digital Night Vision IR W/ 1080P HD Video Recording Gen 4

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Welcome to the Next Generation of Night Vision Infrared with 1080P!

Whether you are preparing for a nighttime hunt, running nighttime surveillance, or simply practicing targets on your gear, mounting your weapon with our Revenant TF4 optic will provide you with the view you need.

Our quality night vision optic can be instrumental in enhancing your shooting experience and taking your accuracy to the next level. Our optic is sufficient in collecting ambient light in the surroundings to amplify it, making night hunts a walk in the park with a highly effective range and enhanced calibrated cross hair, you can quickly determine the quality of its optics. We emphasize high-generation optics and build our optic with improved zoom and customizable crosshairs.

Apart from an optimized lens, our TF4  optic also does not fall short regarding durability and overall performance. This ensures you get more value for your spending on this optic. New-generation technology and integrated functions make it a very customizable option.

The features and qualities of the TF4 allow users to use it for multiple purposes, whether recreational or tactical. Our TF4 entices users due to its incredibly easy mounting capabilities, durability, and image quality.


By integrating our video recording device into your base optic, you will ultimately maximize the capabilities of the optic and add ultimate zoom and night vision features. For deer hunters, it will be an opportunity to record your shots in high definition.


The availability to record your shots enables you to receive admiration and recognition from other fellow hunters. It can also expose you to the subtle inconsistencies in your cross-hair placement and shot selection.

This invaluable footage insight of your shots can help you improve your hunting, which in turn will make you a better shooter. It will also help you get proficient in terms of your accuracy. Getting our TF4 may just be exactly what you need to up your hunting game.

It comes packaged with adapter rings that are compatible for a range of different sights. The magnifying lens screen is easy on the eyes and does not create too much stress. 

Adjustable cross-hair availability from the simple push of a button further elevates your shooting rifle’s accuracy.

For added durability, the TF4 comes with an anti-shock quality that withstands any force from rifle recoil. Due to the night vision scope’s amazing shock absorbing quality, you can find this gear onto any type of rifle, regardless of how powerful it is.


We emphasize video quality greatly, along with durability. Due to this focus, our optic allows you to record at 1080p, with 4X zoom. You also have focus adjustment options that further amplify the shooting experience.

Product highlights include:

  • Night Vision
  • Anti Shock
  • Adjustable Crosshair
  • High Definition
  • Easy customization


1  x  NightPal™ - Revenant TF4 Night Vision Optic (video recording enabled)
1  x  Eyepiece Tube
1  x  Screen Cover
1  x  Mounts
1  x  Manual
1 x  Charger
1 x  32 GB SD Card
1 x 19650 Battery

Fitting for Scopes : 38mm-48mm Max 




    Please see our FAQ page for Night Hunting Laws (USA) here.


    We have an iron-clad risk-free 30-day guarantee that begins only when you receive the product!

    If you don't have a positive experience for any reason, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.



    Proudly Designed In The USA

    Hunting just got a lot better with our New Revenent TF4. It has been designed by an expert team using the latest technology and premium quality components. 

    Every component of the NightPal has been designed, engineered, and assembled her in the USA. Each of our camera undergoes strict qualit testing for durability and resilence. What you get is a superior product with a quality you can trust. One that allows for a truly memorable experience each time you use it. 

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