Whetstone Knife Roller Sharpener Sharpening System

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New Kitchen Knife Whetstone Fixed Angle Magnet Strong Magnetic Roller Sharpener Sharpening System Great Christmas Gift White Elephant 


The sharpener offers remarkable flexibility to cater to individual sharpening needs through interchangeable grinding discs and a magnetic angle support system. It provides the versatility of a 15° angle for solid blades and a 20° angle for other types of blades.

This sharpening system combines the power of diamond and ceramic discs, making it suitable for sharpening a wide range of blade hardnesses. From kitchen knives to hard or soft steel, stainless and rust-resistant steel, and even outdoor knives, it effectively hones edges with diamond abrasives known for their durability and efficiency.

You can effortlessly maintain precision with various sharpening angles, including 12°, 15°, 18°, 20°, and 22°, thanks to the potent magnets that hold your knives in place. This ensures a consistent and uniform angle across the entire blade, regardless of the size or type of the tool.


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