NightPal™ - PVS-14 IR Night Vision Goggles with J-Arm for Helmet

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Multi-Purpose IR Optic PVS-14 IR Night Vision Monoculars with J-Arm for Helmet, Picatinny Rail Adapter, for Night Patrol Hunting




If you want to keep the hunt going even after the sun comes down, this multi-functional PSV-14 IR Night Vision Monocular is just what you need. 

With military-grade technology and state-of-the-art design, this PSV-14 IR Night Vision Monocular is currently used by U.S. Armed Forces and many foreign nations as one of the most reliable gear. 


The built-in 850nM IR Illuminator and Diopter Focus Ring allow the visual range to reach up to 100-200 yards and can be used during the day or night with an easy option to manually turn the infrared on or off by increasing or decreasing image tube brightness for greater image contrast in varying light conditions. Created with a humanistic approach, the Diopter rotary adjustment is designed for varying eyesights - you just have to manually adjust it. 

This new generation of image enhancement tube improves the performance of the monocular allowing you to see the target in complete darkness


Yes, you heard that right. 


This PSV-14 IR Night Vision Monocular provides digital night vision and allows you to see color images in bright and dim light, and black and white images in the dark. With CMOS sensors offering a clear view up to 2X magnification with a wide angle design and infrared illuminators, this product offers users high-resolution and colorful images even in total darkness


This allows the user the ability to use their PVS-14 both as a night vision monocular for increased mobility and tactical awareness and as a short-range weapon sight


But here’s the best part. 


It can be mounted and attached to a mobile phone, helmet, or firearm and provides  optic with a mini red dot for precise firing. 

It’s time to make hunting easier and get yourself the PSV-14 IR Night Vision Monocular!


  • Multi-functional 
  • Infrared Illuminators 
  • Attachable to helmet and firearms 
  • Pocket-sized design 
  • Built-in 850nM IR Illuminator 
  • Diopter Focus Ring 
  • Diopter Adjustment 
  • 200m/656ft viewing range 
  • Rifle Optic with mini red dot 
  • Infrared lighting and flashlight -  can be turned on or off depending on the environment and can be manually controlled depending on the brightness 

Product Specifications: 

  • Magnification: 2X
  • Field of View: 6.4 °C
  • Eyepoint distance: 15mm
  • Minimum observation distance: 0.8cm
  • Display mode: LED 
  • Lighting: IR LED 
  • Battery life: 1.5 / 2.5 hours (IR on / IR off) 
  • Weight: 260g (excluding battery)
  • Objective lens caliber: 28mm
  • Exit pupil diameter: 14mm
  • Night viewing distance: > 200m
  • Horizontal resolution: 420 lines
  • Resolution: 330 x 224 pixels 
  • Center wavelength: 850mm
  • Built-in power: 2 AA batteries

Package Includes: 

  • AA batteries 
  • Manual 
  • Case
  • Special Protection Bag 
  • Night Vision Monocular 
  • Brackets x2



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