Enhanced Automatic Retractable Trekking Multi-Tool Hiking Stick

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Discover the ultimate in secure outdoor mobility with our automatic spring-loaded self-defense hiking stick, designed for your safety and convenience. Whether you're embarking on a hike or  trekking outdoor, or keeping it handy in your car, this durable and compact tool ensures a reliable grip and  lasting performance.


Automatic Pop-Up with One Click:

Effortlessly deploy the automatic spring feature with a single click, ensuring swift and responsive action. Say goodbye to sluggish and laborious deployment.

Personal Protection: In critical situations, rely on this hiking stick as a trustworthy personal protection against wild animals. Crafted from a selected alloy material, it boasts strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

Anti-Slip Handle

The ergonomic design of the anti-slip handle enhances friction for a secure grip. Additionally, it provides a comfortable shock-absorbing effect, minimizing the risk of slipping during use.



    Compact Design:

    The stick's small size allows for easy portability; it can be conveniently stowed in your bag or car. Choose from three available sizes: 16", 21", and 26" trekking poles to suit your preferences.



    How to Use:

    Simply rotate open the safety latch, hold the handle with the stick end facing outward, and press the button for quick and straightforward deployment.


    • Product Sizes: 16"/21"/26"
    • Product Weights: 255g/525g/650g
    • Body Material: Alloy Steel

    Folding Section Trekking Poles (Non-Automatic Spring):

    For avid climbers, we offer a folding section trekking pole with a non-automatic spring design. While it lacks the automatic spring feature, its folding functionality ensures easy carrying and storage.

    Package Contents:

    1 x Enhanced Collapsible Automatic Retractable  Hiking Stick

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