NightPal™ - Camcorder Monocular - IR Digital Night Vision Monocular

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NightPal™ - Camcorder Monocular– Digital Night Vision Monocular

Enjoying nocturnal nature without the right equipment is next to impossible. Sure, there are plenty of devices in the market, but very few offer the high-level quality that this night vision monocular by Clear vision does. Unlike tons of other similar products, this monocular offers unparalleled attention to detail, ensuring your nocturnal sightseeing is clear as day.

Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular

NightPal’s Night vision Monocular makes things quite convenient for sightseers, ensuring they can also use it as goggles when out at sea. What’s more, this monocular has a durable body made out of a hermetical seal. So, no matter where you go, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your monocular will remain safe.



Handy Features

These monocular/goggles have an in-built IR illuminator. You can activate and shut this feature down using a single switch. Weighing around 195 grams, this monocular is on the lighter side, ensuring it is easily portable.  Here are some other features that make the Clear Vision digital night vision Goggles the best option for nocturnal sightseers:

- 7.5 operating voltage

- LCD (1.75 in)

- Single transmitter infrared ray launcher

- 4X magnification

- Wildlife monitoring feature


With so much to offer, the NightPal™ - Camcorder Monocular is a clear standout, proving to be one of the best Digital Night Vision Monoculars in the market.

Type: Monocular
Weight: 195g
Size: 1.5 inch LCD
Infrared Ray Launcher Type: Single Transmitter
Model Number: NV31
Battery: 5pcs AA battery (not included)
Magnification: 4X
Effective Visual Distance: 200-300M
Operating Voltage: 7.5V

What's included in the package?


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