NightPal™ - TF3 - Night Vision Infrared Video Recording Gen 3

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Hunting Just got a lot better with our New 3rd Gen TF3.  Enjoy our new features and compact size. 


The hawk-eyed hunter’s partner. / You may not see it, but your camera will./ Clear and Perfect Shots, Anytime. 



Dusk or poor visibility does not have to hamper you from taking that perfect shot. Get crystal clear pictures and capture every moment with your partner in crime- the NightPal. Shoot like a pro and make the most of your nighttime shooting endeavor with the 3rd Gen Nightpal TF3 Night Vision Infrared Video Recording Camera .



What Makes It Better?


 Compact and clear.


Lightweight and handy, this day and night compact camera is quick and effortless to assemble. It gives you a clear visual experience in any condition and enables you to see objects and animals even in total darkness. Its infrared technology functions as your eye in the dark so that nothing escapes your sight. It also features real 720P high definition resolution, built-in recording and playback functions, and long viewing distance (1000 Yards during daytime, and 300 Yards in the dark).

Compact, portable, and lightweight for ease of use and mobility. This solid, handy device is created to be your ideal partner-on the go and at all times. This is what you need on every adventure and in any situation.



 Durable- built to last


Our night vision camera is designed to last you countless hours of adrenaline filled adventures. It is built to last and can handle rough and tough situations with admirable aplomb thanks to some commendable features which include- high-strength, earthquake-resistant, anti-shock and shatterproof design. Get ready for action!  



HD 720P video and photo recording feature that lets you capture it all for a bank of nostalgic memories. Objects, animals, or scenes- your NightPal gets them all. Because every moment can be special.



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Why choose this product?

 Heavy-duty design

The 3rd Gen Nightpal TF3 Night Vision Camera is designed for excellent observation and action through high-impact resistance and lasting durability. The NightPal is built for speed and endurance.


 Viewing range



Get a clear viewing distance of up to 1000m during the day, and upto 300m in the dark. This long range enables you to reach your visual extent beyond the usual and lets you shoot from a considerable distance, whether day or night.


 Function and form 

It is easy to carry, easy to use, and comes with premium features that every hunter and watcher wants in a device. It turns a rifle into the perfect shooting partner. All you need to do is look, aim, and shoot. Ready, Steady and Wow!


 Infrared light and high resolution

Change your visual mode from day to night with ease and exactness. With its infrared light and 720P high-definition resolution, it enables you to see objects and animals clearly in the dark so you can take aim with agility and accuracy.


 Record & Playback


Exceptional images and shots need to be preserved for posterity. And this is what makes this night vision camera an ideal partner. It's in-device recording and playback lets you keep a proud moment or an exciting memory of a hunt. Record and playback your master moves and have a tangible way to relive and see that experience. These features also serve as an evidence and documentation in case of an intrusion into your property. Watch, share, and store your recorded videos and have access to them at the click of a button.

With this hunting and security partner, you can have greater assurance and control over the things that matter to you - from your hobby to your home. Get yourself a Nightpal TF3 Night Vision Infrared Camera and see the difference for yourself.


1. Fix the IR camera on eye relief position of the rifle scope.
2. Rotate the scope magnification adjustment wheel.
3. Rotate the night vision device internal sight to get a clear image.
4. Long press the IR button to turn on the IR torch, night mode will be activated automatically.
5. Adjust the direction of the IR torch to overlap the view of the scope.
6. Push in the IR torch hood to get low beam for short distance aiming.
Pull out the IR torch hood to get high beam for long distance aiming.   


Package Includes: 

  • 1  x  TF3 Night Vision Camera (video recording enabled)
  • 3  x  Fitting Ring 
  • 1  x  Manual
  • 1  x  32 GB SD Card (optional)
  • 1  x  18650 battery (optional)
  • 1  x   Battery Charger (optional)



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