Universal Extension Wrench

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No Spot Too Deep.. No Spot Too Tight!

Say goodbye to relentless hardship, and feel the twinge of anger creeping up your back from hours of going nowhere! This wrench extender is going to hit even the most stubborn bolts.

Universal Extension wrench will make sure you never go 1-click at a time with your socket set again. The extension wrench keeps your hands and knuckles away from hot objects or tight spaces making that awkward nut or bolt easy to remove.

Extends your reach up to 8 inches. Allows your ratchet enough swing for a smooth workflow. Knuckle saver and time saver. Turns nuts and bolts with ZERO degrees of arc. Quickly loosen bolts and nuts at awkward angles.


  • Reach Any Spot - Allows you to reach hard-to-access nuts and bolts in tight spots that didn't work before with full swing to increase efficiency. Turn nuts and bolts with ZERO degrees of arc.

  • Extend your reach up to 10” inches.
  • Screw In & Out - Can be used to loosen/ tighten the nut and remove/ tighten the screw.

  • 1 to 1 Gear Ratio - Equipped with 1:1 chrome vanadium gears and used with a variety of adapters.
  • Drive the wrench from either side.
  • Works with Drills - Attach your drill or impact gun to get the job done even quicker.

  • Wide Applications - Ideal for automotive, tractors, amphibious UTVs, machines, etc. 

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