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Laser rangefinders are becoming highly popular these days due to a variety of reasons. Their main purpose is to gauge an object’s distance with the highest level of accuracy possible. While there are plenty of range finders available these days, they have some shortcomings and drawbacks that make people reconsider their investment. However, the Black Laser Range Finder by Night Pal is vastly different and offers tremendous quality.

What’s most impressive about this product by Night Pal is that it has a ranging mode on default. However, you can easily switch it to distance measurement mode by simply holding on to the M button for a few seconds. This device’s multi-level power display feature, along with the speed mode options are tremendous additions


Standout Features

Unlike most laser range finders, this one by Night Pal has tons of standout features, making it worth the investment.

- Mini laser ranger

- Robust metal shell to ensure the range finder doesn’t go through wear and tear

- Colored OLED display

- Easily understandable power display

- Users can easily change measurement units right away

- Excellent continuous distance measurement during the harshest of weathers

- Can be easily mounted on crossbows, regular bows, rifles, and plenty of other products

- Capable of testing speeds of objects moving in the same direction


Ranging Mode

The Night Pal range finder has a tremendous ranging mode, allowing you to measure the lengthiest of distances with ease.

Horizontal Distance Measurement

This mode is tremendous for getting an accurate measurement of slope and distance, after which it calculates measuring slope and horizontal distance and displays it.


Precision :  +/- M

Measuring range: Around 6-700M


Speed range: Around 0-300KM/H


Battery: 1pc3 V (CR2)


Waterproof: IP65


Color: Black


Size:  8.4x3.8x5.5 cm


Weight 150g


Package size: 15x10x6 cm


Package weight: 0.3 kilograms



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