NightPal™ Phantom - Military Grade Monocular Telescope

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Do you hate having to stand just a few paces from something to take a decent picture of it with your phone?

Do you just have to take a photo of that fox or bird that keeps running off when you even think of moving close enough?

Do you want to take that magnificent mountain picture but it’s just too darn far away? Well, you’re in luck, this new telescopic lens is going to solve all your problems.


NightPal™ Phantom1  is a simple device: as the name implies, it's like a pair of binoculars, but for one eye instead of two. It's a small telescope, designed to bring faraway subjects into sharp near focus. 


NightPal™ Military Grade Monocular Telescope is more portable and lighter in weight than normal binoculars or all the very heavy telescopes. Some believe that they are the best for hikers, birdwatchers, and even hunters. 

Without a doubt, there's more to the monocular world or market than making you feel like some pirate. 

NightPal™ Phantom1  helps you see for miles with precision and depth for an experience that enhances wildlife and nature. Enjoy the best view and amazing pictures. 

This little technologically impressive tube is called the NightPal™ Phantom1 , the brainchild of Swedish engineers who were challenged by their university to find a more efficient method to create a telescopic zoom lens.

The result is a 6-inch tube that magnifies up to x10! Allowing common people like us to take amazing pictures of distant objects without having to spend our entire paycheck at the camera store. It’s safe to say we were very excited to get our hands on the NightPal™ Phantom1.




NightPal™ -Phantom1 - Military Grade Monocular Telescope

  • Breath-Taking Shots From Your Smartphone
  • Boost Your Very Own Phone's Camera
  • Take Professional Shots Of Nature And People
  • Share On Social Media Professional Pictures
  • Optical Magnification With Precise Focus
  • Compatible With All Phones Cameras, No Limitations



Product Specifications

X10 image magnification with a 44mm eyepiece you will not find anything that even comes close to this level of zoom at this size. You can see a person standing 6 miles away! A true marvel of technology.

Monocular built-in compass rangefinder; with a military standard compass; cross reticle plate; measuring distance and azimuth.

Manual Focus – no lens is complete without focus to create some sweet depth of field. Blur the background to make your subject pop out like a pro.

Extremely durable – a titanium shell that is shock and break-resistant, a good fit for any extreme trip you have planned. It’s waterproof, dust-proof, really you could probably use it as a bat. And all that in just 0.35kg of weight!

Compatible with mobile phone cameras – basically if your phone fits in the adjustable grip, you can easily use it paired with the NightPal™ - Phantom1 . Pictures looked particularly nice with our iPhone.

Confidence: Buy Our high-quality monocular perfect for bird watching, hunting, hiking, boating, camping, travel, wildlife, scenery, bird watching, etc


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